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created synonym CREATE

created synonym CREATE

創建公有同義詞則需要CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM系統權限。 創建同義詞 創建同義詞的語法如下,公有同義詞可以被所有
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Create Synonym Map (Azure Cognitive Search REST API) …

{ “name” : (optional on PUT; required on POST) “Name of the synonym map”, “format” : (required) “Only Apache Solr format (‘solr’) is currently supported.”, “synonyms” : (required) “Synonym rules separated by the new line (‘\n’) character
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Create Public Synonym in SAP HANA Database for Tables

Create Public Synonym in SAP HANA Database for Tables On my SAP HANA Cloud trial account, I created a database including some demo tables. For example, a sample HANA database table including employee data is named
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Create private synonym for another user
 · 1)I have user which has the privilege of creting synonym. 2) I have users under the schema . for example . I create a synonym with admin (create synonym customers for admin.customer). The synonym is created.
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Synonym Lists
To create a synonym list, first create an operating system file that contains root words with one or more synonyms, all on one line and separated by blanks. The lines of text must be separated by one blank line. For example, the following is a possible excerpt from
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Using Synonyms in SAP HANA
 · A synonym belongs to its own schema, which is independent of the schema the DB object belongs to (of course, a synonym and its base object can have the same schema). Currently, synonyms can be created for tables (this includes virtual tables), …
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Script to generate a create synonym script
Each of our development environments contain many schemas with numerous tables, grants and synonyms throughout. To be able to clone an environment, I’d like to be able to run a script that will generate a “”create synonym”” script where I can recreate all the
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Synonym definition, a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language, as happy, joyful, elated. A dictionary of synonyms and antonyms (or opposites), such as, is called a thesaurus. See more.
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Db2 11
The CREATE SYNONYM statement defines a synonym for a table or view at the current server. Deprecated function: Synonyms are deprecated. In Db2 12 , packages bound with APPLCOMPAT( V12R1M504 or higher cannot issue CREATE synonym statements.
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Create Synonym
CREATE SYNONYM Create a synonym. Syntax: CREATE [OR REPLACE] [PUBLIC] SYNONYM [schema.]synonym FOR [schema.]object [@dblink] ‘PUBLIC’ will create a public synonym, accessible to all users (with the appropriate privileges.)/p> Unlike Views
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Synonym in SQL Server
 · CREATE SYNONYM DBO.SY_EMP FOR DBO.EMP. Figure 1: Create Synonym. Once a synonym is created we can use that synonym for what it stands for, in other words in the preceding we created the synonym for the EMP table. In this case we can use T-SQL statements like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. SELECTING DATA FROM SYNONYM.
,譲與可能な権限です。 The CREATE SYNONYM permission is a grantable permission.
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Oracle對象知識,視圖,系統管理員可以創建公有同義詞,程序包等指定一個別名。. 同義詞有兩種類型,Create word cloud chart from text data - MATLAB wordcloud - MathWorks Deutschland
CREATE SYNONYM (Transact-SQL) – SQL Server
CREATE SYNONYM dbo.CorrectOrder FOR dbo.OrderDozen; GO — Using the dbo.CorrectOrder synonym. DECLARE @Amt INT; SET @Amt = 15; SELECT @Amt AS OriginalOrder, dbo.CorrectOrder(@Amt) AS ModifiedOrder; See Also
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oracle同義詞創建(synonym)_wangwuyilove的專欄 …

EMP; Synonym created 3,擁有CREATE SYNONYM權限的用戶 (包括非管理員用戶)即可創建私有同義詞,序列,同義詞(Synonym)創建刪除,Oracle可以為表,同義詞 (Synonym)是數據庫對象的一個別名,過程, 普通用法如下所示,創建的私有同義詞只能由當前用戶使用。. `公有同義詞,. `私有同義詞,函數, CREATE [OR REPLACE] [PUBLIC] SYNONYM [ schema.] 同義詞名稱 FOR [ schema.] object [ @dblink ];
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CREATE SYNONYM (Transact-SQL) – SQL Server
To create a synonym in a given schema, a user must have CREATE SYNONYM permission and either own the schema or have ALTER SCHEMA permission. CREATE SYNONYM 権限は